The New Options You Can Get in Webcam Sex

The Government recently recommended virtual sex during the quarantine. It was during the daily report carried out by the Ministry of Health of the Nation, where an infectious disease specialist was present with recommendations to avoid the transmission of the virus during sexual intercourse.

Getting to the point:

The infectious disease doctor recommended sexual practices through video calls in cases where people do not live under the same roof to avoid the transmission of the virus.

  • It is very clear that the virus can be transmitted very easily through everyday acts such as kissing, he began by saying. And he added: there is little information to date on whether sexual transmission is possible.
  • Faced with ignorance and doubt, he suggested understanding that it is best to avoid meeting people with whom we do not live.
  • He explained that the isolation measures are temporary and it is the best tool we have, that is why in this scenario, tools that we have available today such as video calls, free webcam sex, virtual sex or sexting, can be a good alternative.

Faced with this recommendation from the National Government, taking into account how important the sexual act can be for many people, especially in this period of compulsory social preventive isolation, Ana Blanc, a psychologist and specialist in Sexology and Couples Therapy of the provincial capital, explains what virtual sex is about and what to take into account so that it is a safe practice and, above all, beautiful to experience.

What is virtual sex?

Virtual sex is the sending of intimate content through messages, videos, photos, audios, emojis, video calls using an electronic device such as a cell phone or computer.

What guidelines should be agreed in a couple, or between two or more people, for this type of sex to occur and, above all, to be safe? 

The guidelines to be agreed upon are extremely important, as future problems, misunderstandings and discomfort are avoided. To consider:

Respect for the other person, not harassment, manipulation or conviction. Nobody is obliged to do it and nobody is obliged to like it, no matter how many people practice it.

Explore and ask myself about the practice, to see if it is something that I feel comfortable with or am doing it for the other person.


The practice must be in full knowledge of all those involved, and must give the corresponding go-ahead, as well as make explicit all the details of what it will consist of. Surprises are not part of the game.

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